Friday, 2.6.09

We began the period by creating an entry in our blogs where we listed as many stereotypes and cliches about art and artists as we could.

We listened to our short podcasts answering the question What is art & who decides? Mr. Yost said we sounded very relativist. Mr. Miller said we will begin to learn about various narratives. Mr. Miller said something about meta-narratives, little narratives and some guy named Jean-Francois Lyotard. It sounds like Mr. Yost is a meta-narrative guy, believing in absolutes and Mr. Miller is a little narratives guy, or relativist. This is confusing already. How can two guys like Mr. Miller & Mr. Yost, who are obviously friends, not come close to agreeing on what art is? Maybe we should check out the link to Lyotard in the sidebar under Players & Narratives.

It was fun when Mrs. Pearlman joined us. Hopefully she will again and our pupil-teacher ratio will be even more impressive.

Sasha was funny when she teased Mr. Miller about how he always refers to us and our classmates as colleagues. Sasha questioned how we could be colleagues if we weren’t in college yet? Hmmm….

Mona Lisa

da Vinci: Mona Lisa


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