Monday, 2.9.09

Today we began our ALI art cliche film fest. Our first viewing was Artist Unknown, episode 35 from Spongebob Squarepants, season 2. I found the script on the web if you want to read it. It is short. We were asked to make a list of cliches & stereotypes regarding art and artists observed in the film. Some things that stood out to me were:

  • Teaching art at the recreation center. Squidward was very serious, but the janitor shot him down as if art can only be taught in more hallowed ground.
  • The omniscient “teacher” portrayed by Squidward.
  • “Art is a lot of hard work”.
  • It takes a teacher to pass on the ability to create or teach one to be “talented”
  • The process leading to Spongebob’s success with drawing a circle was the reverse of what Squidward wanted. When Squidward saw it he wanted in on Spongebobs’s “process”
  • Art must be taught by a master holding the secrets and knowledge.
  • “Visualize the sculpture within”
  • “Good art takes time”
  • Art must be learned “by the book – by the rules.”
  • Spongebob “arrogantly shunned” Squidward’s teaching
  • Art collector with a foreign accent
  • Art collector didn’t want Squidward’s small painting saying his was an “art” collection
  • Art collector said Spongebob’s sculpture had “perfect form, detail and censorship”
  • Genius equals fame, which equals fortune
  • Success equals immortality
  • The “master” teacher can grant a second chance to learn if he choses to.
  • “Not in the book”
  • “Steps to success”
  • “Give birth to art”
  • “Artistic triumph
Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants


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