Tuesday, 2.10.09

Today we watched “Mom & Pop Art“, the 19th episode of The Simpsons’ 10 season. We were looking for cliche and stereotypical representations of art and artists. Some things that stood out to me were:

  • “Astrid” Weller as the name of the gallery owner. Astrid being sort of spacey, hippy, wierd, artsey
  • “This isn’t Art” – is vs. isn’t
  • “Art isn’t just pretty pictures”
  • Outsider Art: A label that again creates an inside vs. outside dichotomy
  • Finger punctuation gesture when using the term Outsider Art
  • “Studied art for years & still can’t understand” implies a canon of knowledge that one labors over to learn, usually from a master teacher. Remember Squidward as the “Master teacher” in yesterday’s Spongebob: Artist Unknown episode.
  • Homer became a “professional artist” after selling one piece. Does capitalist success define the artist? Is this a valid narrative akin to an institutional narrative?
  • “Turned junk into art” What is junk and what is art and who decides? Ask Marcel Duchamp about readymades or Robert Rauschenberg about combines…
  • Anger is good for artistic expression
  • Affectations galore
  • In the bar Homer’s signature was the same as money. Does this further the notion that everything the artist touches turns to gold?
  • “Just doing it for his art”
  • The studio is where “the magic” happens
  • Became an “artist” without “trying”
  • Marge’s art looks like what it’s supposed to look like
  • Homer gets rewarded for “screwing up”
  • The gallery viewers “only love the new, this work looks like your earlier work”
  • “Great artists try new things”
  • It takes a “genius to think of a pencil or soup can”
  • The role of inspiration and how one obtains it
  • Art makes the world a “magical place”
  • Big = daring = success = good art
  • Art vs vandalism – it’s for the courts to decide
  • Jasper Johns steals everything throughout the episode. He is considered one of the wealthiest living artist who, like everybody else “steals” ideas
  • Springfield looked like “the canals of Venice without the plague”
  • Homer decided he was “not an artist, just a jerk who couldn’t build a bar-b-q” Does this mean he learned his lesson not to venture into the sacred land of art as an unlearned participant again
Homer as Vitruvian Man

Homer as Vitruvian Man


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