Friday, 3.13.09

Students were asked to create a blog entry addressing the notion of appropriateness and how it relates to various art forms, subject areas (in school) and the book we are reviewing. We spent the remainder of the period discussing our responses. I was reminded of an essay I wrote a couple of years ago for a presentation I did at the Pennsylvania Art Education Association Conference (PAEA) and for the National Art Education Association Conference (NAEA). My topic was titled. Appropriateness: Traversing the Hegemonic Minefield.

Students were directed to a Google Docs site containing about 100 terms. The site is titled Post-Mod-Pedia. The assignment is to work as a group to create a functional and informative glossary of terms relative to Postmodernism. Please do not shortchange yourself or the group with copied definitions that fall short of useful description.

Goya: The Third of May, 1808

Goya: The Third of May, 1808


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